Let's Talk About Privacy!

On this website there are no ads or third-party trackers, but I do use analytics software called Matomo.

Matomo is hosted on the same server as this website, which means none of the data it collects ever leaves my control.

What Data I Collect

I use Matomo to learn how visitors like you use my site. My goal is to use this data to improve my site.

The data I collect is very basic. It includes the following:

Opting Out

There are multiple ways for you to opt out!


  1. Every 6 hours a script on my server removes the last two octets from every IP address in my server's log before it is compressed and archived. For example, "" becomes "172.16.xxx.xxx".
  2. Unchecking this box will set a cookie on your device which tells Matomo not to track anything at all about your visits to my site.