About Me

A pixellated, 8-color image of my face.

My name is Joe.

I am a hobbyist server operator, code tinkerer, and photographer.

These days I spend most of my free time maintaining and fiddling with the the numerous free software public services I host. The more decentralized the web becomes, the better!

As I'm sure you can tell from my git history, I tend to mull over problems and work in passionate sprints.

I have a non-24-hour circadian rythm, which might partially explain the previous fact.

If you need to contact me, or just want to chat, check my Contact page.

About This Site

I originally created this site in 2018 to teach myself web development and share some of my creations. It's my primary presence on the web, and has links to most of the other things I'm involved with. I still update it from time to time.

All the code for this site and the content on it is my own except where otherwise credited.

All content on this site is licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license unless otherwise noted. You can see a summary of the license terms by visiting the preceeding link, or view the full text.

The photo viewer was made by Chen Fengyuan and is licensed under the MIT license.

The back to top icon was made by Eleonor Wang and is licensed under the CC BY 3.0 license.