this is joe's site

Why is this site so empty?

  If you're reading this around the time it was posted, you've probably noticed that most pages on my site are blank. If you're wondering why that is, look no further.

This site isn't using Wordpress or any similar content management system. In fact, it's been written entirely from scratch. I began work sometime around August, 2018. At first I worked sporadically, learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as I went. In late December I started working in earnest on a website that I could actually use, and share with others. My first efforts were messy, and in January I started over. I rewrote my site entirely.

The blog you're reading now was one of the most difficult parts of creating my site. I have to thank David Carr for his fantastic guide on creating a blog using PHP, which made the endeavor a bit less difficult. You can visit his site at I'll be relying on his guides to add a few more features (e.g., tags and archives) to the blog in the future.

Now you might want to ask, "When will the site be less empty?". Soon! In the next week or so I'll make all the code for my site public on my GitBucket, where you'll be able to follow my development progress.¹ If you're feeling especially friendly you can even create an account and contribute! The next tasks on my to-do list include adding a "Latest Post" feature to my homepage, and filling the "About" and "Contact" pages with relevant information.

Thanks for reading.



1. Wondering what "GitBucket" is? Check out their site at