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Introducing a New Service: Opengist

Notice something different? There's a new service available on Joe's Site! But before the introduction, a little background...

What Came Before

Before I hosted Gitea on my site I hosted something called GitBucket. GitBucket is not nearly as polished as Gitea, but it worked well. I still think it's a decent option for hosting your own code forge. The main reason I migrated to Gitea was resource usage; GitBucket is written in Java and had a habit of eating memory. Anyway, what's relevant to this post is that GitBucket has a plugin system, and the most useful one to me by far was the gist plugin. When I migrated to Gitea it was the only feature I really missed. Today I've finally setup a replacement.

Introducing Opengist

Opengist is now public at You can login through my Gitea instance and create public or unlisted gists. Private gists aren't supported, but there is an open issue already, so they may be supported in the future. Now all I need to do is stick a blueberry somewhere on the new service...

Why not just use PrivateBin?

My PrivateBin instance at can obviously already be used to share code snippets—or any text really—but Opengist has a few features that set it apart. The first is account support, which means all your gists will be viewable and searchable from your account page. The second is OAuth integration with Gitea; you can login to Opengist with your account on Joe's Gitea seamlessly. The third is support for Git, so you can push code to your repo from the terminal, then push a snippet from the same terminal. Hopefully you'll find this new service as useful as I will!

Thanks for reading.