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A New (Font) Family

  I've found a new family. A font family, that is. Quicksand adds a bit more personality to my site. I initially cringed at the thought of adding 33KB of extra resources to load, but after experimenting with the Network and Performance tabs in Chrome DevTools, my concerns were allayed.

DevTools allows you to test any site using a custom connection speed and latency. Even on a 56k dial-up connection, most pages on my site load within 15 seconds. That's including the new font. The connection speed is simulated of course, since I don't have access to such truly ancient hardware, or the necessary dial-up subscription to accompany it. My point is that my site is already incredibly light. The average Neocities site is likely multiple times larger than mine.

So I converted the font to WOFF2 (sorry IE users) then applied it. The aesthetic improvement is well worth the miniscule overhead. I also made some other small style changes. For example, links play an unnecessarily fancy underline animation when you hover over them. I like these changes and hope you do too.

Thanks for reading.